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May 2024
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April 2024
Apr 08, 2024
1 incident

Investigating the SSL certificate expiry error on

Resolved Apr 08 at 01:43pm BST

We have forced a renewal of the SSL certificate for and errors should now have cleared.

We are currently investigating the SSL certificate expiry error on Service remains usable, the error message can be bypassed by selecting the relevant "accept" option on your email client app.

March 2024
Mar 24, 2024
1 incident

Issue with new case numbers being assigned to case replies

Resolved Mar 24 at 09:34am GMT

An ongoing issue whereby new case numbers were assigned when customers replied to existing cases has now been resolved. This applied to around 5% of case replies and was tricky to diagnose but a fix has now been applied to our Midas CRM system and appears to have resolved the issue.

We will continue to monitor the situation.

Mar 19, 2024
1 incident - Website Hosting is down


Resolved Mar 19 at 11:26pm GMT - Website Hosting recovered.

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